Saving profiles in mt4

Saving profiles in mt4

Saving and loading profiles on mt4 online forex trading platform from this tutorial, now as a forex trader you have learned how to save a work space using the profiles button on the mt4 platform, under the file drop down menu and you can now save as many profiles as you want on your metatrader 4 fx platform and then select any of these saved profiles any other time that you may require to trade with.

An mt4 profile differs from an mt4 template in that a profile is the entire layout including every single chart you have open, while a template is only what is on the one specific chart. If you use multiple charts or timeframes, you are going to want to be able to save the layout for next time or even give yourself the ability to run multiple mt4 profiles side by side.

Open the charts you want and apply the template on them (watch the above video). When you are done, tile the price charts, refer to the file menu at the top, click on profile and click on save.

When it comes to saving profiles on mt4 the way to do that is different then to saving a template. A profile is a combination of all these charts and the profile covers the overall look of your mt4 platform. You can save it the following way click on file, then on profile, click save, then you can name it.

  how to save templates and profiles on mt4 you can trade mt4 at pepperstone httpwww.

However, when a different chart or template is selected, it overwrites the profile you have just been viewing. When you go back and select that same profile or logoutlogin to mt4, the profile has been overwritten and lost.

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Saving profiles in mt4

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Saving profiles in mt4
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